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Fred Lives Here

A Unique Collection Of Furniture

Fred is a delightful little chap who finds quality reproductions of modern-classic furniture and sells them as the already cool pieces that they are, or further modernizes them into something quite extraordinary. How does he do this? Fred has become chummy with artists from all walks of life. Those creative fellows choose chairs from Fred's collection and add their special touches to make each item a one-of-a-kind piece of useable art. From graffiting, to studding, to dripping acrylic paintwork, these artists really know how to jazz up a classic masterpiece! 

Is that it? Why of course not. Perhaps you're in the market for something that isn't a 'modern-classic' ? Diversity is everything, so we don't blame you. That's why Fred's main job is to tour the globe, finding new and original, quirky designers so that he can continuously add show-stopping furniture and lifestyle pieces to his crazy Singapore shop-house. For those of you who fancy going on a little journey back in time, Fred has gone ahead and picked you up a few of the best original antiques and vintage-style wares. All of this is why you'll never see a furniture collection quite like Fred's. 



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