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  • Fresh Liquid Egg White
  • Fresh Liquid Egg White
  • Fresh Liquid Egg White
  • Fresh Liquid Egg White
  • Fresh Liquid Egg White
  • Fresh Liquid Egg White
  • Fresh Liquid Egg White

Fresh Liquid Egg White


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Albu-man is fresh, pure, and natural egg-whites. No funny-business. No fuss. Just pasteurized egg whites. Everything is grown, bottled, manufactured and sold within Singapore.

Albu-man is pasteurized twice! It's 100% safe to drink, with another added benefit over raw eggs. By heating up the egg, we have neutralized the Avidin (a component in the egg) that would normally prevent the body properly absorbing the protein. So Albu-man protein is more easily absorbed by the body.

If you leave it in the fridge, it lasts 3 weeks. If you freeze it... it lasts forever (or close enough)!! But we would recommend not storing more than 3+ months.

​Just add it to any (not hot!) drink, and get your daily dose of protein. We love it with smoothies and even in iced coffees. Or... if you're feeling adventurous, do what we sometimes do, and drink it straight out of the bottle

Available ONLY for self-collection at Naiise *CATHAY.

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1 litre
There are 6-8 servings for a 1 Litre bottle.

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Only Self -Collection at Naiise *Scape

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