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Naiise Review: I Chews Jax & Bones

Over the past week, we tried bringing out some Naiise doggies out and put Jax & Bones' chew toys to test. Initially, we wanted the doggies to hang out together at the park, and we all imagined it to be a really fun time together. But due to the wet weather and some doggie conflicts, we have to let them bring the toys home and enjoy their toys without the company of other pooches. 

Nonetheless, let us introduce the 3 Naiise doggies, Bubbles, Willow and Yuki, who have kindly helped us out to put the toys to test. Read on and find out how what they like about the Jax & Bones rope toys that were given to them by the good folks at Tiny Krew.


Bubbles, Golden Retriever

Selected Toy: Larry The Lion


"I chose the Jax & Bones' Larry The Lion chew toy because it instantly reminded me of how my family sometimes calls our Golden Retriever, Bubbles (or Bubs), our little lion. Just check out his awesome hair! At first, I was slightly apprehensive of how Bubs would respond to the Jax & Bones toy; he's quite a picky, Alpha-male dog and also isn't as playful as he was when he was younger. But he took to the toy immediately, and got really curious, sniffing it all over as I held it. When I let go of the toy, Bubs immediately pounced on it, pat it with his paw to make sure it wasn't alive (haha) and then made himself comfortable and started chewing and pulling at the lion's mane. He looked like he was having a good time going at it!

- Cheryl


Willow, Maltese

Selected Toy: Brent The Brontosaurus


"Like with any other toy, Willow took a while to familiarise himself with this foreign item in the house. After maybe 15 mins of sniffing it a little and walking many rounds around it, he finally started playing with it. After that, he kept bringing it out to play with the  on his own. I think he really likes the dino, it's like his cool new friend now. Even though he has other toys, he still chooses this toy over the rest! The longest he spent chewing on this toy was probably 15 mins straight. He just wouldn't stop! 

- Dinis

Yuki, Shiba Inu

Selected Toy: Kramer The Crab


"Yuki was attracted to the toy once we showed it to her. She kept sniffing it to gain familiarity. We threw it up in the air for her to catch and she would catch it in her mouth and then bring it to a spot to chew on it. She even chewed on it till the ropes of the toy went fray. She would spend approximately 10-15 minutes on playing with the toy. She would also play tug with us with the toy."

- Mandy


Special thanks to Tiny Krew, who has kindly selected and sponsored the toys for the doggies! Click on the button below to shop more pet goodies.





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