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Maximise your GSS Savings for GSS 2019

Ready, get set, go SALE! (21 Jun - 28 Jul)

The Great Singapore Sale has dawned upon Naiise once again, and boy, do we have a ton of things in store for you!

#TGITW - Thank God, It's The Weekend!

During this exciting period of shopping and sale, we want to invite you to join us and enjoy these in-store experiences that we have specially curated for you as part of Thank God It’s The Weekend!

Here's to give you an idea of what you can expect to find during the different weekends of TGITW:

  • 5 – 7 Jul: GST Absorbed Day (7% OFF All your purchases)
  • 12 – 14 Jul: Free Beer by Brewerks + Free Juice by Doki Doki
  • 19 – 21 Jul: Free customisation of leather bookmarks by ana tomy
  • 26 – 28 Jul: In-store Manicure Wrap (more details coming soon!)

GSS Raffle

In this GSS Raffle, there will be a chance to win some fantastic prizes, with the top prize being worth over $350!

Spend $50 in-store and online during the GSS period and you’ll be automatically entered into our GSS Raffle - and the prizes won’t let down! Here’s what you can stand to win if you enter [in ascending order]:

  • 1st: Bean Bag by SoftRock Bean bag
  • 2nd: A 2D 1N stay at YotelAir
  • 3rd: Beauty Set by Souffle Beauty
  • Other Prizes: Huxley, Doki Doki, HeyHah, TeaSpec, Rainbow Lapis, Larsen & Eriksen, Kombynation & Co., Protesta, Asmara Gift Box


3rd: Beauty set by Souffle Beauty

2nd: 2D 1N Stay at YotelAir

(Credit: YotelAir Singapore)

Top Prize: Bean Bag by doob

Other Prizes:


Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!

There will be great deals happening in the online space every week.

If you missed it out, there’s still more deals coming your way and they’ll be happening over the weekend during this season of GSS – both online and in-store, so you won't miss out on the sale! 

If you're all about online shopping, these are what you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • Everything at $20 collection (12—14 July)
  • Everything at $30 collection (19—21 July)
  • 1-for-1 Deals (26—28 July)

And if you're up to take a trip down to Jewel for the weekend, good news. You'll also be enjoy deals and savings - here's the lowdown of all of them in the coming weeks:

  • GST-Absorbed Weekend (all stores) [5—7 July]
  • 10% off with min purchase of 3 items (Iconic outlet only) [12—14 July]
  • 10% off Beauty, Kids, Fashion, Fragrances, Jewellery, literature, hobbies [19—21 July]
  • $5 CASH voucher with every $50 spent (Iconic outlet only) [26—28 July]

Is there a TLDR version of this…? (too long didn't read)

Absolutely! We made a ‘cheat sheet’ which sums up what will be happening over the 6 weeks of GSS:

Other Promotions

If you’re looking to save as you shop, we’ll have you know that there are some payment modes that you can make some awesome savings on. Check out our promotions page here!

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