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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

The Typography Lover: Curated by Pauline Ibarra

A professional graphic designer who moved to Singapore 6 years ago, Pauline Ibarra started her own little happiness project - the Happy Hands Project - when she fell in love with the flourishes and swells of pointed pen calligraphy while preparing for her wedding in 2010. Wedding invites soon became her obsession, and she has been working on painting and calligraphy for wedding invitations and wall art since.

We invited Pauline to share with us what she loves from Naiise, from the perspective of a lover of all typography, paper and handmade art. Check out her curation here!


1. Tell us more about the Happy Hands Project and how it started?

I’ve always been a lover of typography, paper and handmade art. I fell in love with the flourishes and swells of pointed pen calligraphy while preparing for my wedding. With determination and ink-stained hands, I started practicing, albeit ineffective at first. It took me 2 full years of practicing calligraphy until I felt ready to share it with the world – and that was when the Happy Hands Project was born.

2. Share with you more about what you really do?

Aside from lettering, I also enjoy painting. Lately I’ve been working on painting and calligraphy for wedding invitations and wall art. Wedding place cards and logos are also quite in demand. I also design logos using my own writing style, which I really enjoy a lot. I never thought I would like teaching, but I started the 2nd quarter of 2014 with modern calligraphy workshops and I’ve been enjoying it immensely.

3. How is design relevant to you?

Design has always been a part of who I am. It all started with art – I’ve been drawing and doodling since I was a kid, and have been lettering with markers ever since I learned how to write. As I was exposed to different styles of design, I was able to combine it with my art and have been consciously aware of it since then. In a nutshell, design has become a way of life for me.

4. Thank you for curating this collection. What are your top three picks, and why?

My favourite pieces are the Industrial French Chair, Portraits of Cities Book - Tokyo, and the Hand-Dyed Silk Blouse. I like the distressed feel of the chair and can see it as a statement piece in a room. Tokyo is one of the most fascinating cities I've been and it would be a joy to flip through the pages and reminisce. The silk blouse suits my fashion style exactly – something pretty yet comfortable. I've been seen wearing all shades of green for years!

5. You get inspired by...?

I get a lot of inspiration simply by looking around! Going for walks with my husband around Singapore and seeing beautiful typography, handmade signs and indie shop displays always keep me bright eyed and brimming with new ideas. I love browsing at books and magazines, cookbooks, even! Online, I go to Pinterest for inspiration, and to Instagram while on the go. My little girl inspires me a lot as well. Just recently, I’ve started documenting her funny one-liners in calligraphy on my little black notebook.

6. What are your plans for the Happy Hands Project for the rest of 2014?

I’ve always been very fond of weddings, so I want to design more wedding stationery and make brides happy. I will be continuing my calligraphy workshops as well because being around fellow creative who are willing to learn a new craft is very exhilarating and inspiring.

7. If you had one wish, it would be...?

My little family means everything to me. I couldn't wish for a more supportive husband or a feistier child. If I had one wish, I'd wish for my little girl to always be surrounded by the people she loves and not let anything get in her way to attain her dreams.

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