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Naiise Conversations - Introducing Local Leather Crafters JConcetto

Naiise speaks to the team behind our favourite local leather crafters JConcetto. Here's what the passionate duo have to say about their craft, brand and design philosophy!

1) Who is in the JConcetto team and how did it start out?

JConcetto is a two-man team, consisting of Jeremiah the product designer and Jacob the crafter. We are just two ordinary persons united by a passion for craft. We got to know each other through a mutual friend while learning how to handmake leather gifts for our loved ones respectively.

2) Whats behind the name JConcetto?

J is taken from both our first names, and Concetto means concept in Italian.

3) We love your designs. Can you tell us more about your design philosophy?

We are not fanatic about the latest fashion trends, and we want JConcetto to have designs that are timeless and classic, something that will still be appreciated 50 or even 100 years down the road.

4) Who is the JConcetto man/woman?

Anyone reading this! Jokes aside, we like to think that the jConcetto man/woman/brand is an extension of who we are and what we value, which is hard work, humility and an appreciation for handmade products.

5) How much of your products come with personalised engraving? 

We offer complimentary engraving (max of 3 initials) for most of our products. We think it is a small gesture but one that puts a smile on our customers’ faces knowing that the wallet/cardholder is something they can call their own.

6) Describe an average day at JConcetto.

Mornings are spent walking the dog, prototyping designs, crafting and fulfilling customer orders. Afternoons are typically used to meet clients, liaising with suppliers and doing delivery. At night, we are back in our workshop. Not much of a life, we know!

7) What is it like being a maker/crafter/designer in Singapore?

Access to raw materials is typically limited in Singapore, so we need to be more resourceful. Of course, as a society we are also generally more accustomed to having typical 9-to-5 white-collar jobs. So, we would say being a maker is more challenging, but very fulfilling nonetheless.

8) What legacy do you and JConcetto want to leave with your products?

In the States, the term “Made in USA” is a representation of quality and pride of purchasing local. We hope JConcetto and collectively all of our very talented Singapore labels will one day reach that level too.  

9) Why is design important to you?

Good and functional design is actually very much ingrained into our everyday life, but we may not always take the time to appreciate it.

10) What can we look forward to from JConcetto in the months ahead?

We see 2014 as a year of possibilities for us. A major local retail chain approached us to have jConcetto products on their shelves and talks are currently on-going. We also have a few design projects that we are bringing to the market through the Haystakt platform as well as Kickstarter. 

Shop the JConcetto collection here.

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