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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

The NONG x Naiise Pop Up Store

New year brings new beginnings, and this year, Naiise was invited by Edible Gardens to run the retail front of their event, Nong Pop Up Store. The Edible Gardens project is co-founded by Bjorn and Rob, whom we are really honored to have met, partnered with and are working beside everyday in this really exciting and interesting endeavour. 

What they do is simply inspiring. Apart from growing edible gardens that you can actually eat from, they are a team trying to create a sustainable and more eco-conscious society. Their efforts to educate and help others grow their own food stem from their belief that it can help us get closer to nature. There is a large effort in what they do to better everyday living.

We at Naiise find ourselves trying to achieve something like that too. We work hard to find the products to put a smile on someone’s face, or help someone discover a product that saves us more time. We do our best to create relevance and meaning of how everyday design can better everyday lives and to learn to love the things we have. We found that we shared a vision with Edible Gardens, and decided to collaborate on this pop-up store. While this meant more late nights and long retail hours, we have enjoyed every moment of it.

We like how things get better with design. How it feels good to live in a certain style or environment and the feelings that our surrounding environment can evoke. We like it when items help make the world a better place, and how some can bring us back a little closer to nature. If you are in for a meaningful retail experience filled with greens, local designs and sustainable products, head on down to our store.

Location and directions

People's Park Complex (6th floor rooftop carpark)

By car - drive straight to the 6th floor carpark

By foot - access via residential elevator (near KFC)


Here are some things we carry and grew more in love with as we spent more time just working in the pop up store. 

It has a great authentic feel, and I have spent much time sitting on this talking to others and contemplating the store layout.
I like how my keyboard feels with this. It is raw and rustic, yet super sleek and super cool. 
This chair is seriously so comfy it's amazing.
A great place where I pen my thoughts and help me with everyday things to do. 
Food taste better with eco-friendly cutlery!  
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