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8 Ways To Get Rid of Artist's Block

Not just artist's block. Pretty much for any forms of idea blockage basically. We know you might reach a plateau once in a while and you cannot proceed with better ideas. It's perfectly normal.

We've put together 8 different ways to help ease the artist's block. Scroll down for tips and ways to become awesome and art-mazing again.

1. Canvas Painting at Artify Studio 

Photo Credits: Artify Studio

Artify Studio routinely runs art jams each week, where you and your favourite people can head on down to the cozy studio for some freestyle painting session. Think acoustic music, natural light gracing the wooden tiles, and free flow of drinks and tidbits. The best part? You pay as you wish. All you have to do after the session is simply to pop some cash into the container guarded by their resident dinosaur, and you get to take home your very own painting and a happy heart. Jae, Artify’s boss, uses part of the money each month to conduct a social initiative. We are sure it’s going to be a fant-art-stic time.

2. New Tunes, New Feels

    When you are doing something repeatedly and nothing new or inspiring is coming out of it, stop stressing, take a break and do something else. Switch off whatever you are listening (if you're listening to anything, that is), and tune in to music that can distract you a little. Here are some Spotify playlists that worked for us:

    If all else fails, you can listen to Naiise's Spotify playlist, put together by our editor.

    3. Film Festivals

    Photo Credits:

    For all you film lovers out there, here's a massive lineup of film festivals we reel-ly dig.

    Looking through the film list for, a film festival from the creators of the Design Film Festival, we must say it was a struggle to fight these cravings. To witness sake making against gorgeous cinematography or to take a peek into the world of professional baristas, we are torn. 

    If food isn't your thing (why?), you can consider films from the Singapore Chinese Film Festival or the European Union Film Festival, which have a variety of films that can inspire.

    4. Archiwalks


    Photo Credits: Kurt Kueh

    Get out of your house and take an Archiwalks around places in Singapore, which you probably pass by but do not pay much attention to. Listen to stories you never knew about these places and learn more about what's around you. Who knows? Perhaps this is when the next inspiration comes knocking on your door.

    5. Books and Magazines

    While the Internet is great for endless information supply, thumbing through some paperbacks allows a stronger focus and thought process. 

    From photography to real-life travel stories to fiction, you can browse the titles in our books and magazines collection. Some of our recommendations that can give you a little push with your project include Nguan’s How Loneliness Goes, Afterglobe and AWOL Journal

    Take a walk and head to our stores to flip these titles*.

    *Subject to availability

    6. Show Your True Colours

    This is distraction at its best - colour these drawings just like how you were when you were a kid. More here.

    7. Learn A New Skill/Craft

    Pick up a new skill or craft that is different from your usual medium, and venture into something new! Be it watercolouringpaper marblingtea blending, or getting your hands dirty for some concrete stool making or ceramics, there is something for you to learn to help you perfect your next big idea.

    8. Contribute Your Works

    Photo Credits: We Are A Website

    When you are ready, you can submit and contribute your work to We Are A Website, a local literary journal with three issues under their wing. Each features a collection of short stories, poetries and art by people from all walks of life. Likewise, Afterglobe magazine is also looking for submissions for their third issue on adventures. Head over to their site for more deets.

    By doing so, you might be able get in touch with people who have the same interests as you and share your ideas for possible collaborations!

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