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Well, Here's A Bowl Suggestion

... or rather, 5.

They are all round, you'd say, but some bowls could just be your life saviour in some situations. Wondering how they can help? Consider these bowl suggestions.

1. When You’re Lonely

Photo Credits : MisoSoupDesign

Don’t have a friend to call for dinner? Be on anti-loneliness mode with this sleek Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl by MisoSoupDesign. Go ahead and Skype someone while having your meal or have a one-on-one date with your favourite stars on screen. Or you know, Netflix or something.

Conclusion: Never find yourself crying into your ramen bowl ever again.

 2. When You’re Multi-tasking

Photo Credits : Obol

For those of you who always worry about soggy cereal situations, this bowl got your back. Designed to hold part of your cereal away from your milk to prevent over-soaking your cereal, Obol’s Original Crispy Bowl solves all soggy matters. Plus, the patented Spiral Slide Design™ makes it super easy to welcome fresh cereal into your bowl! 

3. When You’re Messy

Bamboo Bowl - XS
Mountain Teak, $12

For the ladies with a lifetime collection of rings and necklaces and ever more jewelry, solve your messy situation by placing them in a bowl. Collect a fun collection of various sizes and colours to arrange your dressing table and fulfil your needs in a stylish manner.

 4. When You’re Overly Attached

Photo Credits : Spicytec

Yes, it’s definitely ok to be overly attached… to your pet fish. This portable fish bowl by Michael Shabtiali is designed to bring your mate out for a stroll. If you need to put it down and have a meal, just lean it on either side of the tank portion, and it stands! Now you can have your companion by your side all day err day.  

5. When You’re Caught in a Movie

Panda Pop-Up Bowl - Giant
Glambue, $45

A massive bowl is what you need to save you from pausing shows and killing climaxes when you just need that bunch of popcorn in your mouth at that moment (it happens!) No more running back and forth for re-fills during stay-home movies. Pour all that you want and mix around in this big bowl, hug it and enjoy your movie. Don't worry, we don't judge.  


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