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Founded in March 2017, Bekind Solutions is a Social Enterprise start-up that develops and market innovative product for the elderly. Their calling is to inject vibrancy into the life of the elderly. Their Smart Walking Stick collection has gained traction in the market place and can be found in hospitals, rehab outlets and gift shops in Singapore.

Their design and innovations had won a few prestigious awards namely:

  • Eldercare Innovation Award 2018
  • Singapore Good Design Award 2019
  • German Design Award 2020.

Collections of Smart Walking Sticks listed in Naiise:

  • CarbonBond (Smart Umbrella)
  • Small CarbonQuad (Smart Quad Walking Sticks)
  • Medium CarbonQuad (Smart Quad Walking Sticks)

“agegracefully” is a Label (Brand) belong to Bekind Solutions.

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